find it relatable pretty

find it relatable pretty sure a lot of you but yeah um the first thing I was going to talk about is what I've been eatin Vitax Lean g um I recently have been getting a lot of stuff about that or people messaging me like hey um you know I've been on a diet and I can't lose any weight and I don't know like what I'm doing why can't I lose weight but I see all these other people in wait the first thing that I always ask them is like how are you tracking your food a lot of them are not tracking their food I find that that's like the biggest important step to this is tracking what you eat a lot of people don't feel like sitting there and keeping a diary and writing it down because I know that is definitely not something I like to do I like to do something that's easy it's a app I just grabbed it I personally use My Fitness Pal it is a free app I've been using that pretty much since the beginning um I really really like that app I feel like it's a very user friendly you can scan all of your

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